Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My life as a composer...and not composing a note!

Some of you have read previous blogs (there were only 2) and may be wondering what I am doing now - maybe even what I'm composing.  Well, truly, have have been revising, re-scoring, entering competitions, preparing scores for new competitions, and more.  I was offered a chance to have one of my previous orchestra pieces (Popular Forms for Orchestra) released on PARMA Recordings.  That flattering offer became a source of stress due to the finances *I* would have to contribute which I didn't have.  That was 6 weeks of worry before I declined the offer.  Last week I got 2 notices that I wasn't chosen for 2 competitions I entered.  I must be on the right medications because I shrugged and moved on immediately.

Oh, I did write an aria for a competition - then decided it wouldn't be the opera I wanted if I followed all of their guidelines.  What can I say...I don't want to set Brokeback Mountain but there ARE 2 movies I think would be great operas - on comedic, one serious (neither tragic...)

Also, I was sold a Mac Pro Tower for 100 dollars (Ethernet card is shot...but everything else is solid) and had a patron buy Sibelius 7, Digital Performer 7.2, Kontakt 4, and Miroslav Philharmonic to upgrade my musical life.  It may take the next of the year for me to learn all of this software.

This year which started so strongly as a year of success, may just be a year of music business.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

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